Welcome to the website of Professor Alison Assiter - Professor of Feminist Theory at the University of the West of England, B.A. (Bristol); B.Phil.(Oxon); D.Phil. Sussex, Fellow of the RSA and Academician of the Academy of the Social Sciences.      


Alison Assiter

Featured book

Kierkegaard, Metaphysics and Political Theory: Unfinished Selves

This title offers a new reading of the work of Kierkegaard in relation to metaphysics and political theory. Alison Assiter argues that the notion of the person that lies at the heart of the liberal tradition is derived from a Kantian and Cartesian metaphysic. ... Read More >>

“A remarkable book! Alison Assiter writes with passion and refinement of the history of modern philosophy's contributions...&rdquo

– Charles Lemert, Professor of Sociology, Wesleyan University, USA

“Who would have thought that Kierkegaard has interesting things to teach us about politics, of all things? But he has, an...&rdquo

– Bob Brecher, University of Brighton, UK

Research areas

  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Feminist Theory
  • Political Philosophy
  • Teaching and Learning Issues

Latest news

Kierkegaard,Eve and Metaphors of Birth

My latest book, Kierkegaard,Eve and Metaphors of Birth,  is just out, May 2015, with Rowman and Littlefield. Below are some review comments:
<...