Alison Assiter is Professor of Feminist Theory at UWE, Bristol. She is a feminist political philosopher who has also published on Kierkegaard and Kant.

She has written a number of books, including:

1989, Pornography, Feminism and the Individual, Pluto Press, London; 
1990, Althusser and Feminism, Pluto Press, London;
1996, Enlightened Women, Modernist Feminism in a Post-modern Age, Routledge, London;
2003, Revisiting Universalism, Palgrave, Macmillan;, 
2009,Kierkegaard, Metaphysics and Political Theory: Unfinished Selves, Continuum Books, London
2015, Kierkegaard, Eve and Metaphors of Birth, Rowman and Littlefield. 

She has also written journal articles and blogs for E-International Relations and she is on the editorial board of Feminist Dissent.


Book Series
Assiter edits, with Evert van der Zweerde, a book series, Reframing the Boundaries: Thinking the Political that aims to mine the rich resources of philosophers in the ‘continental’ tradition for their contributions to thinking the political.


Assiter’s publications
Edited Books and Books Authored with Others
Assiter, A. and Shaw, E. (eds.), 1993, Using Records of Achievement, Kogan Page, London;
Assiter, A, (ed.) , 1995, Using Transferable Skills in HE, Kogan Page, London.
Assiter, A. and Carol, A. (eds.) , 1993, Bad Girls, Dirty Pictures, (an anthology on women and pornography) Pluto Press, London.
Assiter, A , with Wilson, E, MacIntosh, M. and Rogerson, G. (eds.), 1992, Pornography & Feminism, Lawrence & Wishart, London;
Alison Assiter, Caroline Britton and Carolyn Brina (eds.) 2000,  Millenial Visions, Cardiff, Cardiff Academic Press,.
Alison Assiter and Margherita Tonon,  2012,  Kierkegaard and the Political, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Press.


Articles in refereed Journals
Assiter, A, 1979, Philosophical Materialism or the Materialist Conception of History, Radical Philosophy, No 23;
Assiter, A, 1979, The Theory of Poverty or Good Old Working Class History, Literature and History, Autumn Issue;
Assiter, A, 1984, Did Man Make Language? Radical Philosophy, No. 34;
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Assiter, A, 1990, Reasoned Passions, Argument, Autumn Issue;
Assiter, A, 1993, Skills and Epistemologies, Reflections on Higher Education, also in Transferable Skills, University of East Anglia Press, 1994
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Assiter A. (2011) Kierkegaard, Battersby and Feminism, in Women: a Cultural Review, Special Issue on the work of Christine Battersby, edited by Margrit Shildrick and Gillian Howie. 
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Assiter, A. ( 2013)  Kierkegaard and the Ground of Morality; Acta Kierkegaardiana, Vol.6. 
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Assiter, Alison, (2015) ‘Response to McWherter’, Journal of Critical Realism, 14/5.
Assiter Alison, (2016)  Universalising Politics, Feminist Dissent.


Articles in Books
Assiter, A, 1983, Women and Peace, in Over Our Dead Bodies, Women Against The Bomb, eds Thompson, D, Virago, London;
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Assiter, Alison, (2017) Kant, the Noumenal, Freedom and Powers, for edited collection Continental Realism and its Discontents, ed. Marie-Eve Morin, Edinburgh University Press.
Assiter, A. (2017) The Concept of Anxiety and Kant, forthcoming in edited collection, Evil, Fallen-ness and Finitude, eds. Keith Putt and Bruce Benson, Macmillan.
Assiter Alison, (2018) Kierkegaard and Marx, in The Kierkegaardian Mind, ed. Patrick Stokes, Routledge. (This will form a new handbook on Kierkegaard).